Non Exclusive Lease $35 – ($45 no tag)

  • Tag mandatory unless you buy the (no tag) upgrade
  • 50,000 streams, broadcasts, amounting in total revenue 
  • Distribution of 5,000 copies and 3 commercial uses

Unlimited Lease $250

  • Tag optional 
  • Included mastered high quality single track out or export (.mp3 or .wav)
  • Unlimited distribution
  • Unlimited streams, broadcasts, or views, and commercial uses

Exclusive – Make an offer

  • You own the beat in its entirety 
  • No resale protection
  • Unlimited distribution, streams, and broadcasts
  • Multi track out (each track exported)

The prices and conditions for non exclusive and unlimited leases are non negotiable and are in effect upon purchase under the State of California

For inquiries email or text 209-651-0072 for an immediate response